Dog Agility Training: When is it Necessary?

Dog Agility Training: When is it Necessary?

Dog agility training has aroused the curiosity of many dog owners because most of them were not able to comprehend why a dog needs to be trained for agility when it is already endowed with natural skills that make it active and athletic.

The dog is naturally built for athletic activities. Nature has given them the physical attributes to be able to sprint, leap, and perform stunts that other animals are not capable of doing. Dog agility training is more than mere jumping and running.

But while these activities are involved, it is more about teaching the dog to perform the task with speed and precision, and it should be done in a specific way that conforms to certain rules. The Dog Agility training is intended for dogs which are to be entered in dog shows and competitions.

Preparing Your Dog for Agility Training

Dog agility training are most often conducted in dog schools. If you happen to drop by one dog school that conducts dog agility training, you will find that this is quite a task, but it’s an enjoyable one. If you want to enroll your dog in one of these schools, there are a lot of things that you need to take into consideration.

Most training schools do not accept dogs below 18 months old because they are still growing. Schools don’t want to hamper its growth with the heavy physical exercise involved in the regimen.

Another point to consider is the process that dog agility training is being done. If you think that punishing the dog that does not perform well during training has some effect to improve the dog’s ability to learn, think again. Modern ways of training are now using the positive behavior reinforcement to encourage the dog to perform better. This is done by rewarding the dog each time it performs an excellent job. Dogs are simple animals that are not difficult to please.

So in enrolling your dog for agility training, you should first determine what particular competition you want it to join so that the required training can be given. Dog training the old way was done with some punishments involved when the dog cannot perform the job you want it to do. While many believed it was right many years ago, modern trainers think that this is not as useful as reinforcing positive behavior by doing the opposite: rewarding your dog each time it performs an excellent job. By giving your dog some food, physical, praises and other treats is a very effective way to motivate the dog to perform at its best because it has nothing less in mind but to please its master.



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