Essential Tips For Kitten Care

Essential Tips For Kitten Care

If you have just been given kittens to look after, you might be worried about what to do next. The first time owner can be overwhelmed by the amount of care that kittens require. In this article, we will try and give you some help with your new pets.

As a responsible pet owner, the first thing to do is to make your home kitten-proof. This means making sure that your home is a place where kittens can safely and freely wander around without being at risk. You may have to carefully go around your house looking for anything left on the floor that might be dangerous to them.

You should also put away any valuable items that you do not want to be damaged. You should also close cupboard doors, along with the doors of electrical appliances such as ovens, washing machines, and tumble dryers. Kittens like to sleep in warm dark places, and these sorts of devices can present a great danger if they get inside.

Following on from home safety, you also need to be careful about what you allow your kitten to play with. Many people make the mistake of allowing kittens to play with their fingers. This may be fun at first but, over time, a young cat can associate fingers with being a toy. You may eventually reach a situation where the kitten is biting and scratching you and other people. This does not mean that you have to invest in special toys just for the kitten – a simple plastic drinking straw can provide endless safe fun while also helping with teething.

A proper diet is another important factor in kitten care. Never feed dog food to a young cat. Unfortunately, there are pet owners that do this, and this can lead to vomiting and cat sickness. Kittens need essential nutrients and vitamins that are only available in foods made especially for them. Don’t take shortcuts – get the right food to keep your kittens fit and healthy.

You now have some valuable advice for dealing with kittens. It’s time for you to apply it and have some fun with your new pets.



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