Make Your Cat Happy: Cat Care Advice For Owners

Make Your Cat Happy: Cat Care Advice For Owners

Every cat owner surely wishes for his or her pet to be happy and healthy. If you wish to make your cat happy, there are techniques on caring for kittens that you should learn and follow. When you follow the cat care advice shared in this article, you’ll not only have happy kitties but also expect better kitten behavior.

One of the first things you’ll have to do in order to have a nicer relationship with your pet is to let it play with toys. You can give your kitten a mouse like a toy, a ball, etc, to play with, but of course, you have to make certain that the toys are of the non-toxic kind. Good quality toys usually have labels stating that they are safe for pets, or that they are nontoxic.

Another tip on caring for kittens which are also part of the list of tips to make your cat happy is to feed cats with the right foods. Dry food is recommended as it usually has the nutrients needed by cats, as well as help in keeping their teeth healthy, strong, and clean. A must do cat care advice is to go to the vet and ask which foods are suitable to your kitties. Do not forget as well to always have clean water available for your pet. You may also give cat treats to your kitty as that can motivate positive kitten behavior – do not overdo the giving of treats, or else the cat will start to become a picky eater. Do not overfeed it too so as to prevent it from becoming overweight.

Playtime that’s regular is also needed if you want to make your cat happy. You should take some time to play with the kitten on a regular basis. It only requires 10 – 15 minutes of your time for play time, just ensure that you set a routine and stick to it as cats are animals that like routine. Follow this cat care advice and you’ll eventually notice an improvement in kitten behavior: your pet will become closer to you compared to the past wherein you don’t actually play with it.

Caring for kittens properly also means that you have to provide a scratching post for your kitty. You see, cats, like dogs, love scratching, plus, they also need scratching to sharpen or ‘groom’ their nails or claws. If you don’t give it a post where it can scratch, your kitten will resort to doing the activity on your sofa, or another piece of furniture. Go to the pet supply store and you’re sure to see different scratching materials or posts that you can select from.

You can also make your cat happy through cleaning the litter box daily since cats do not like dirty litter; bringing your kitty to the vet at least once a month to ensure that it is healthy or to be able to have the vet treat any existing health conditions early; and so forth.



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