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Having pets around the house is indeed fun and exciting. Most often, you will find companionship with them and you enjoy playing with them. However, as pet owner, you also have the responsibility in caring for your pets and you should be responsible enough to look after their needs after all the fun and excitement.The act of hedge hog care may prove difficult but nevertheless, they should just be given special care as other pets.

– Give them good shelter and a great home. When you bring a hedgehog pet to your home, make sure that you have good shelter and place for them,. Give them collars, and label them with your addresses and telephone numbers in case they may get lost. If you have other pets at home, make sure also that they live in harmony together in your home.

– Make them healthy and disease-free. Bringing your hedgehogs to a veterinarian is an essential step in caring for them. This will facilitate the giving of vaccination, prescription of vitamins as well as spaying or neutering if applicable. This may also help in the early detection of any health issues your pets may have. Make sure to give them regular bathing and keep them clean. Clean your fish tank and make sure you replace its water regularly.

– Teach them good habits. As soon as they arrive at your home, teach your hedgehogs good habits especially when it comes to cleanliness. Potty train your hedgehogs and give them obedience training to deal with misbehavior as well as helping them live as good members of the family in your home.

– Give them time to have fun. Hedgehogs do enjoy playing and they love your company. Dogs and cats for instance are playful pets so do not deprive them of the fun they should enjoy. Give them toys to play but don’t forget also to spend time with them. Walk them outdoors and help them meet other pets as well.

– Pamper them once in a while. Many pet spa and grooming centers are also available so that you can also bring your hedgehogs too. This will give them at least a good bathing, good shampooing, a massage, and a good time to play with other pets. You can dress them up and give them a little photography session.

– Give them the right food and feed them on the right time. One important thing to remember in caring for your pets is to give them the right food. Do not also give them leftovers as some food may cause allergies and can actually be deadly. Your hedgehogs should not be overfed as well.

– Give them exercise. Caring for your hedgehogs also means allowing them to exercise. They need exercise to help them active. You can also make exercise fun by doing some fun games together.


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