Pig Farming – Crucial Tips In Rearing Pigs Successfully

Pig Farming – Crucial Tips In Rearing Pigs Successfully

Today’s pet guineas or cavies are descendants of the wild South American guineas. Whether you’re a kid or teenager or an adult who owns cavies, there are pet care tips or guinea pig tips you must learn and apply to make your pet healthy and happy. Below are some pointers on caring for guinea pigs the right way that should be read, understood and applied by pet owners:

One of the very first things you should ensure if you’re a cavy owner is to place your cavy in a big enough cage or home. Though guineas are small creatures, usually just 10 inches in length, they require bigger cages, ideally a minimum of 18 inches in width, a depth of 25 inches and height of 14 inches. Remember that they are active animals thus included in pet care tips that will ensure they can be active and happy is for you to let them live in a cage that has the right measurements or size. Part of guinea pig tips is also for you to avoid placing your cavies in a cage that has a mesh or wire-floor type since their feet will be hurt on wire or mesh floors. Solid floors e.g. made from wood, steel, etc., are better.

Pet owners who need advice on caring for guinea pigs should also remember to add some timothy hay or any good quality bales of hay in the cavy home not only for nesting purposes but also for the cavies to snack on. One of the pet care tips you should apply is to avoid adding in materials like cedar chips, sawdust, and the like in the cage or enclosure as those may cause choking as well as respiratory problems in your pets.

Feeding your cavies with the right foods is also included in must do guinea pig tips. Make sure to buy pellets made especially for guineas. Feeding guineas with some fresh fruits and vegetables is also something pet owners should do from time to time to ensure that the guineas will receive vitamins and minerals, most especially vitamin C. Adding a drop or two of Vitamin C into your pet’s food or water is also a good idea.

Caring for guinea pigs properly also means cutting their nails from time to time, grooming them e.g. brushing their hair daily or several times a week most especially if you have long haired guineas, and playing with them a number of times a week, if not daily – you can just hold them carefully in your palm, and for sure they’ll consider that as a form of play.



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