The Mission of Animal Rescue

The Mission of Animal Rescue

Super storm Sandy swept out across many parts of United States leaving the people to abash about the tragedy. Many lives were lost, countless were injured, houses were drowned, and all the basic utilities were put on halt. It was not just limited to humans as all the living creatures around the affected areas were struggling for safety and their lives. The scene was overwhelming with falling trees, broken power cables, millions of homes into darkness along with the wild storm thrashing away the entire area. The disaster has left a strong mark on the United States for sure. This calamity was not just limited to residents but also the wildlife was badly affected by this storm. The reports said that Sandy affected more than 60 million Americans, a fifth of the population, and cause up to $20 billion of damage and may be much more than that. But likewise, there is no such count of the animals that were killed and drowned in this tragedy like humans.

However, since Sandy left leaving its traces all across the United States, there are thousands of animal pets looking for shelters and food with their homes been lost in the tragedy leaving them in dreadful conditions. Also, peoples who were facing the disasters were unable to give proper support to their pets as saving their life was only difficult then. However, there were many Americans who were also coming forward to rescue their pets along with themselves and fighting hard in the Animal Rescue. Thousands of super storm victims were searching for any opportunity not to part with their pets and looking for such shelters that allow animals with them.

As the Hurricane Sandy shrinks in and the United States goes into repair mode, images and accounts of Animal Rescue are beginning to come forward. Apparently, it is unclear about how many pets have been affected by the super storm Sandy across the place to track. There were hundreds of animals in need across the region looking for proper shelter and food and some in very critical conditions looking for help. The Organizations for Animal Abuse reports that shelters are provided to the animals in hard-hit areas along with Animal Rescue team helping the injured with proper aid and food.

As the storm was in affect, the authorities had ordered millions of residents to vacant the areas and seek shelters around out, but many people refused the idea and stayed back thus experiencing the wrath. Not only them but their pets were enforced to bare the terrible conditions.

Seemingly, a step taken by organizations for Animal Abuse to help and save the wildlife can bring a noticeable change in United States of America. These camps are also encouraging young volunteers to join their hands and help the living species to cross through such difficult times. If you are planning to support the cause of these organizations making donations is a good idea as your fund will be used at the right place where you intend. Your helping hand will surely boost the step taken by such animal rescue groups to a great level for better and safer America.



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